The Great Denture Adventure

"My phweeff!" Grandma lets out a strangled shriek. Tom and Jane quickly realise what's happened. Her precious false teeth have just flown straight out of the window in the middle of her fantastically gigantic sneeze!

But getting Grandma's teeth back is not easy. First they're snatched by a flying seagull, then they clamp themselves to a passing jogger and disappear into town. The adventurous dentures are moving fast!

This is the only book I have written which was inspired by a title. THE GREAT DENTURE ADVENTURE made me laugh so much that I wanted to tell a story to go with it. It started as poem for a picture book. When that didn't work, I wrote it for slightly older readers. It was written while my family was on a camping holiday. When everyone went to the beach, I stayed on the camping site, writing a story about false teeth. What a terrible father I was.