The transfer

On Stanley's computer, the brilliant virtual football player he has created stares out at him. Lazlo - a genius super-striker - whose skills may be exactly what Stanley's team, City, so desperately needs.

But there is something strangely familiar about Lazlo... Stanley's heart races. He licks his dry lips. So does the player. Could Stanley's wildest, most dangerous dream become a terrifying reality?

Anyone who supports a football team will know that the most dramatic and painful stories are not always becoming champions or winning cups - they are at the end of the season when your team is in danger of being relegated. This happened to me. Queens Park Rangers, the team my son Xan and I had supported almost all his life were about to be relegated from the top division. I took the emotions of that experience and mixed in some magic with the football. (This doesn't often happen with Queens Park Rangers).

"Compulsively readable. in a league of its own." ---> Sunday Telegraph

"A superb comic fantasy, blending football, computers and family life into a completely satisfying whole." ---> The Guardian

"A brilliant story." ---> 100 Best Books for Children

"Even better than Terence Blacker's brilliant Ms Wiz books." ---> Cosmic