Hotshots Series

'Hotshots? A girls' football team? You have GOT to be kidding!'

Pride and PenaltiesPride and Penalties

We were the ultimate weird bunch - with every sort of problem a twelve year-old can have. Some of us were friends. Others were a bit less than friends. The miracle was not that we won anything but that we stayed together through that 'hotshots' summer, and we can still laugh about it now.

When Eve Simpson comes up with the idea for a girls' football team to play in the Metropolitan Cup, no one at school or at home takes them seriously. But crazy Tara, ego-on-legs Lisa, unflappable Charlie and the rest of the 'hotshots' are ready to take on the world.

But is the world ready for the 'hotshots'?

Shooting StarShooting Star

This is no joke, Lisa, said the incredibly famous film producer. We think the story of you and the 'hotshots' football team is so interesting, so fascinating, so inspiring, that young people the whole world over will, like, really relate to it, y'know?

When Lisa Martin's model good looks and football talent are spotted by a pop promoter, her crazy dreams look as if they might just come true.

But will the 'hotshots' team fall apart as Lisa heads for stardom? Will her already-gigantic ego soar into the stratosphere? Will she put fame and fortune before friends and football?

Over to you Lisa.

On The WingOn The Wing

I dreamt I was playing football. The 'hotshots' were all there, but no one seemed to notice me waiting on the wing. Through the dazzling heat I saw men approaching - dark and menacing. They had what seemed to be weapons in their hands. They stopped in front of me but the game played on. I tried to scream.

Jamie O'Keeffe is in big trouble. Accused of a crime he didn't commit, he has fled school and home - and only the 'hotshots' can discover the truth. Unravelling the tangled secrets of Jamie's life, they come up against a powerful and mysterious opponent. Soon, they are playing in a match that will change their lives.

All they have to do is win.

Dream TeamDream Team

"Yesss!" Tara yelled and punched the air. "Away from home - the 'hotshots' back in action! That is so great!"

Playing in the Oakmere tournament seems like a brilliant idea. So what if the team is staying in a spooky old manor house, run by a strange old lady? And if weird things begin to happen, maybe that's the way life is in the country.

Too late, the 'hotshots' begin to realise that they aren't in Oakmere just to play football. Something sinister is going on -

and it's not a game.

When my daughter Alice was 11, she was part of a five-a-side football team with her friends - and I was their manager. The adventures we had were so hilarious and dramatic that I told myself that one day I would turn them into a series of books. I loved writing these books. My favourite character in them is, I think, Lisa.