Houdini, the Disappearing Hamster

Houdini the pet hamster has disappeared into the neighbours' houses, and he's very clever at hiding. Follow Houdini through the rooms of all the houses and families on the street, and see if you can find where this cagey fellow has concealed himself. An intricately illustrated picture book that will have children searching the pages and giggling with delight.

Here's a surprise: this story was inspired by a hamster which disappeared under the floorboards. When it reappeared, it was so dirty it looked like a little black mouse. We lived in a row of houses where everyone (except us) seemed to be slightly weird. The brilliant pictures by Pippa Unwin are what make this book work.

"I have seldom seen a book more sought after by my class.Each brilliantly detailed picture has the hamster concealed in it. Groups of children spent ages huddled over this book conversing about the characters in the illustrations.A lovely book to read aloud to smaller children, everything about it is so attractive."
---> Child Education

"He's hard to find, but I enjoyed the search."
---> Daily Telegraph