The Surprising Adventures Baron Munchausen

Retold by Terence Blacker
Introduced and Illustrated by Willie Rushton

Did you ever hear the story about the man who climbed down a volcano to the centre of the Earth? Or the explorer who disguised himself as a polar bear; lived inside a whale and travelled to the Moon (twice)? Or the soldier who defeated the entire Turkish army on half a horse? No? Welcome to the world of Baron Munchausen, the world's greatest adventurer whose astonishing, heroic exploits are recounted in this hilarious re-telling of Rudolph Erich Raspe's famous tall tales.

I was asked to retell these stories which were originally written over 200 years ago. In my experience, this is a book which appeals a lot to some readers, while others just don't get it. It's always been one of my fravourite books, and I love the illustrations by the great Willie Rushton.