Ms Wiz RocksMs Wiz Rocks

2 Books in one Published 2009

Ms Wiz RocksMs Wiz Rocks

It's the weirdest pop group ever - Podge, Jack and a magical hippie called Ms Wiz. Together, they might just win the ultimate TV talent show I'm Talented, Make Me a Star! Just as long as Ms Wiz's magic stays under control..

You're Nicked, Ms WizYou're Nicked, Ms Wiz

Lizzie's cat Waif has disappeared. Could he have been stolen by a gang of catnappers working for the evil Mrs D'Arcy? Ms Wiz has a brilliant, paranormal plan. First she has to turn Lizzie into a cat - and hope nothing goes wrong.

Totally Spaced, Ms WizTotally Spaced, Ms Wiz

2 Books in one Published 2008

Ms Wiz and the Dog from Outer SpaceMs Wiz and the Dog from Outer Space

Ms Wiz has to return Ruby the puppy to her mum. The only trouble is that they have to cross the universe to another planet to find her! It means magic and space travel: hang on to your ears, folks, for a blast through the galaxy!

Ms Wiz Banned!Ms Wiz Banned!

St Barnabas has the weirdest new head teacher you could imagine - Ms Wiz! On her first morning in the new job, Class Four are turned into pigeons and Class Five disappear to the tropical island of Sombrero. And that's when the trouble really starts!

Out of Control, Ms WizOut of Control, Ms Wiz

2 Books in one Published 2009

In Stitches with Ms WizIn Stitches with Ms Wiz

Jack is in hospital with appendicitis - and it's Doctor Wisdom looking after him. The Consultant gets wrapped in bandages, and there's a plague of mice on the ward. It's all in a day's work for Ms Wiz!

In Control Ms Wiz?You're Nicked, Ms Wiz

The library is going to close, but Ms Wiz has a plan to save it. She brings characters in books to life. Soon Peter Rabbit and a royal couple are on the loose and it's all going well. But is that a three-headed monster in the Ghost section?

Fangtastic, Ms WizFangtastic, Ms Wiz

2 Books in one Published 2008

In Stitches with Ms WizMs Wiz Spells Trouble

There's something rather strange about Class Five's new teacher. She wears black nail varnish, she has a talking rat and she can turn parents into warthogs. One thing's for certain. When Ms Wiz is around, magic - and trouble - are never far away.

In Control Ms Wiz?Ms Wiz Loves Dracula

Ms Wiz is dancing with a stranger. He is tall, dark-haired and has long white fangs. Can it be true? The children of Class Five go into action when they discover that Ms Wiz has fallen deeply in love - with a scary, blood-sucking vampire!

Ms Wiz SuperstarMs Wiz Superstar

4 Books in one Published 2006

Ms Wiz is always caught up in magic and mayhem - join her on these four hilarious adventures!

You're Kidding, Ms WizYou're Kidding, Ms Wiz

There's only one thing that will save St Barnabas School from being closed down, and that's paranormal power. But something very strange has happened to Ms Wiz. She's become almost normal. Or has she.?

Ms Wiz Smells a RatMs Wiz Smells a Rat

Ms Wiz has asked Podge Harris to look after her talking rat. But Mrs Harris can't stand animals, and Mr Harris hates magic. Herbert's fallen in love, and is reciting poetry in Podge's cupboard. It's time for a desperate dose of paranormal action!

Ms Wiz and the Sister of DoomMs Wiz and the Sister of Doom

It's a dark and stormy Friday the Thirteenth when a stranger appears at St Barnabas School. She looks like Ms Wiz, she sounds like Ms Wiz, she even says she is Ms Wiz - but when she turns Podge into a pumpkin, Jack and Caroline soon find themselves caught up in the weirdest paranormal adventure of their lives!

The Secret Life of Ms WizThe Secret Life of Ms Wiz

'My true name,' said Ms Wiz, 'is Her Royal Highness Dolores of the Kingdom of Paranormal Magic and Utter Eternal Mystery.'

The secret life of Ms Wiz is even weirder than the children of St Barnabas ever imagined. Travelling a million miles outside the known universe, she takes Podge, Caroline and Jack to visit her real home and meet her very unusual family. But in the kingdom of magic and mystery all is far from well - and Ms Wiz is faced with the biggest decision of her extraordinary life.

Ms Wiz SuperstarMs Wiz Superstar

3 Books in one Published 2004

Ms Wiz is famously fabulous. And these three sparkling, magical adventures show that she was simply born to be a star!

Ms Wiz, SupermodelMs Wiz, Supermodel

One moment Ms Wiz had agreed to help Katrina with her stressed-out parents, the next she's the crazy, moody star of Yves de Chiqueville's fashion parade. Class Five are used to weird behaviour but are they ready for .Ms Wiz, supermodel?

Ms Wiz Goes to HollywoodMs Wiz Goes to Hollywood

Shelly Kelly has always dreamed of meeting her favourite celebrities - now she's won a competition to see them in Hollywood! But when her guide turns out to be Miss Diamante Wisporina, known to her friends as Ms Wiz, Shelley discovers that Tinsel City may be wild and wonderful - but it's about to get very weird indeed.

Ms Wiz - MillionaireMs Wiz - Millionaire

'Dodgy Dave' Lightly cannot believe his luck. He has just met a paranormal operative who can predict the winning numbers in this week's triple roll-over Lottery. Suddenly, Dodgy Dave and Ms Wiz are rich beyond their wildest dreams. But money, Ms Wiz soon discovers, is the root of all trouble.

Ms Wiz Rules! Ms Wiz Rules!

2 Books in one Published 2010

Ms Wiz Goes LiveMs Wiz Goes Live

It's just another night at home for Caroline and her naughty little sister Musha until their strange, magical babysitter takes them into the wonderful world of television, showbiz and celebrity. Camera, lights, action - cue Ms Wiz!

Power-Crazy Ms WizPower-Crazy Ms Wiz

It's a crisis all right - Podge's parents have banned him from eating chocolate biscuits and even want him to change schools. The solution? Easy - Ms Wiz hypnotises the Prime Minister, then turns parliament into monkeys before going completely power-crazy. And that's just the start.