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There’s a big moment coming up: the release of my new album Meanwhile… on 2nd December.

It’s a mistake in my view to talk or write too much about a project before it goes out into the world. I hope that the eleven songs on this album will speak for themselves – and, of course, that people will like them.

I’m proud of this album. I think it represents a step forward for me as a songwriter. It was engineered and produced by the exceptional talent that is Lukas Drinkwater at his Polyphonic Recording studio in Stroud. Lukas plays various instruments on all the tracks and adds backing vocals. The album also feautures some sparkling contributions from the extraordinary blues and New Orleans jazz pianist Dom Pipkin. With percussionist Josh Clark (who also mastered the album), Lukas and Dom have  – for me, at least  – brought a new dimension to my songs.

The mood on Meanwhile… is generally upbeat which, given the generally woe-is-me state of our world, may be something of relief. The songs have been written over the past three very strange years, and I’ve included a couple of numbers from the past which those who tuned into my Monday Escape livestreams during lockdown responded well to. They take a few surprising directions – into the ruminative, the comic, the satirical, the personal, with one set in Victorian times and one looking to the future. I have my own favourites, and I hope you do too.

You can get a taste of Meanwhile… here on my Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order a CD or a digital download.

Tracks for the album will soon be being played on folk and online radio shows (all PR enquiries should go to

Fingers crossed for a successful launch!



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