When Matthew's crazy American cousin suddenly arrives on his doorstep, it's a big shock for the whole family. Sam is small, blond and wild - with a giant attitude problem - and he immediately starts to wreak havoc on Matthew's social life. Desperate to get their own back, Matthew and his best friends cook up a brilliant, outrageous plot that will bring Sam down a peg or two AND deal a stunning blow to the bitchiest girls at school.

Victory is theirs. Until Operation Sam runs hysterically out of control.

This has never happened to me before or since, but a film producer came up with the idea for BOY2GIRL. She wanted to make a film about a teenage boy who has to disguise himself as a girl - and before there was a film, the film producer thought, there should be a book. At first, I thought the idea was a bit silly. Then Sam came into my head and I started thinking about how differently boy teenagers and girl teenagers are treated in the modern world. If all my books were as fun to write as this one was, I would be a very happy author. BOY2GIRL might still be film.

"I roared with laughter" ---> The Times

"Hugely funny, then painfully affecting. offers genuine insights amongst the laughter" ---> Guardian

"Blacker brings gender bending to a new level of hilarity and suspense." ---> Publishers Weekly