You Have Ghost Mail

Help me.
Matthew has always wanted a new computer. But, now that he has been given one for his birthday, something strange and frightening is happening. It seems that someone is trying to contact him from cyberspace - someone who died fifty years ago.

Help me and I shall help you.
An email from the spirit zone? At first Matthew doesn't believe it. But soon it is more than a computer that is being possessed by the ghostly power of a visitor from beyond the grave.

I'm interested in ghosts - I had written about them in a novel for adults and now I wanted to have a go at a ghost story for young readers. I wondered why ghosts were always were so old-fashioned. Surely if they exist, they would do things like haunt a computer. In my mind, I saw a monitor screen bursting open because something scary was happening behind it. Then I started writing.

"Cunning and creepy.gripping stuff"
---> Guardian