Young. They want to make a difference. All they have to do is break the law.

They were an unlikely gang of supercrims. Brainy scholarship-boy Wiki, glam American superbrat Jade, too-cool-for-school Mark, everyone's best friend Holly. Then there was Trix. It was her brilliant idea in the first place - a very different way of helping children in need. A bit like Robin Hood, only more illegal and with round-the-clock coverage by the world's media.

A kidnap. A rural hideaway. Some celebs. A load of money. What could possibly go wrong?...

Someone once asked me if there was anything I wouldn't write about. For example, she asked, would I ever write a story about a child who gets kidnapped? That got me thinking. In this story, the kidnappers set out to do something good but soon things begin to go horribly wrong. I loved writing about the five heroes of this story (and a few of the villains).