Angel Factory

Have you ever felt that you don't quite belong in your own family? That your parents, sister, even your dog seem just too perfect to be true and that maybe they're not quite who you think they are?

From the outside life for Thomas Wisdom seems pretty good. But his growing sense that something at home is wrong leads him to hack into his father's computer for clues about his family's history and identity. What he discovers there takes him on a journey into the unimaginable - to a place they call The Angel Factory.

Soon much more than Thomas's perfect life is in deadly danger.

Once upon a time, I lived in a road where there lived a few doors down from us a family which was perfectly behaved, good-looking, blonde and never mixed with anyone else in the road. There was something not quite right about them - as if they came from somewhere else. I started thinking about a boy who somehow feels as if he doesn't quite fit in with his family. He had always thought that he was the problem - but perhaps it was his family that was not all it seemed.

"Well-written and pacey, this is a story that just has to be finished." ---> Independent

"A fascinating, page-turning read that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it." ---> The Bookseller

"A thriller that moves at the speed of a runaway train." ---> The Center for Children's Books