Young Readers Young Readers

You Have Ghost Mail You Have Ghost Mail

Help me. Matthew has always wanted a new computer. But, now that he has been given one for his birthday, something strange and frightening is happening. It seems that someone is trying to contact him from cyberspace - someone who died fifty years ago.

'Help me and I shall help you. Read more

You Have Ghost Mail

The Great Denture Adventure The Great Denture Adventure

"My phweeff!" Grandma lets out a strangled shriek. Tom and Jane quickly realise what's happened. Her precious false teeth have just flownstraight out of the window in the middle of her fantastically gigantic sneeze!

But getting Grandma's teeth back is not easy. First they're snatched by a flying seagull, then... Read more

The Great Denture Adventure

Hotshots Series Hotshots Series

1. Pride and Penalties
We were the ultimate weird bunch - with every sort of problem a twelve year-old can have. Some of us were friends. Others were a bit less than friends. The miracle was not that we won anything but that we stayed together through that 'hotshots' summer, and we can still laugh about it now. Read more

2. Shooting Star
This is no joke, Lisa, said the incredibly famous film producer. We think the story of you and the 'hotshots' football team is so interesting, so fascinating, so inspiring, that young people the whole world over will, like, really relate to it, y'know? Read more

3. On The Wing
I dreamt I was playing football. The 'hotshots' were all there, but no one seemed to notice me waiting on the wing. Through the dazzling heat I saw men approaching - dark and menacing. They had what seemed to be weapons in their hands. They stopped in front of me but the game played on. I tried to scream. Read more

4. Dream Team
Playing in the Oakmere tournament seems like a brilliant idea. So what if the team is staying in a spooky old manor house, run by a strange old lady? And if weird things begin to happen, maybe that's the way life is in the country. Read more