The Fame Hotel

The death of Ollie Sincton seems at first an unpromising little murder. Who cares after all, about a fringe media character with a murky private life? But Sincton’s literary bequest, a series of computer disks revealing how certain public figures had enjoyed his professional or personal attentions, changes all that.

For the police, the case has celebrity cachet – in an age of visibility, one man’s murder can be another man’s career break – but, among the truly powerful, the death of a ghost has acquired a more worrying significance.

In this mordantly perceptive novel nothing is clear-cut and, above all, no one is to be trusted. Except, perhaps, a policeman.

To have writing this good, with comedy, social statement and fast-moving plot between the covers of a contemporary novel, is a rare treat
– Daily Mail

Compelling satire..Is Terence Blacker clairvoyant, you begin to wonder.
– Sunday Telegraph

A wicked story. Blacker’s real strength is farce.
– Sunday Times

Beautifully written . a sheer delight from start to finish.
– Books