On becoming part of the creative arts industry

It has been brought to the attention of this column that many Society members do not have access to the internet and are therefore unaware of the many opportunities for writers and would-be writers in the government’s exciting new creative industries initiative. As a one-off service to the cybernetically challenged, we are pleased to be able to reproduce the home page from one of the many websites in this burgeoning sector of New Labour enterprise, creativeculturecareers.com.

Hello! Are you a Creative Person? Do you write, or write about writing or teach writing? Are you interested in becoming a provider, funder or member of the support staff from the country’s writing industry? Would you like to source your inner creativity and develop core writing skills – and then have the appropriate certificate to prove it?

If so, creativeculturecareers.com is here to help you. There are over 50,000 people currently working in the creative industries and many of them are Creative People in their won right. Now the government wants to expand the creative and cultural workforce so that Britain can continue to lead the world in arts-related activities.

Interested? Then just find the sector most appropriate to your creative or cultural needs and double click to find out more.

Local council arts audits, partnerships and creative writing frameworks
The government has set councils Creative People targets so that even the most deprived communities will soon be able to boast their own writers, artists, musicians and street theatre operatives. Even if you lack basic skill resources in these areas, creativeculturecareers.com can navigate you through a network of courses, conferences, outreach schemes and bursaries to help you gain that all important NVQ (Creative Arts) Certificate.

If you want to apply to become a funded Creative Person, click here.

Sourcing, skilling and growthing your basic writing skill facilities situation
Many people, particularly if, through no fault of their own, they have inappropriate exam qualifications, have problems in achieving basic core commmunicational targets. They are unaware, for example, of the importance for a writer of Random Capitalisation. They have no idea that by a simple process of language merger – what we call ‘Word Partnership’ – they can lerndirect, upreach marketsources in the creativecultural sector and generally importanceupgrade their wordspeak.

Not anymore! Thanks to creativeculturecareers.com, audit and apprenticeship courses can bring you onstream in prosetalk and poetrystyle.

If you are looking to improve your benchmark writeskills, click here.

Social inclusion, cultural diversity and equal opportunities within PPF’s, NGO’s, NTO’s and UWOT’s
If you happen to be culturally diverse, socially excluded or have been deprived of equal opportunities by failures in the educational system under successive Conservative governments, we are here to help you access your creative potential. In a completely non-patronising way, we ask you about your racial origins, financial status, whether you belong to a one-parent family, your length of time out of work and the number of exams you have failed. With the appropriate background, you could become part of our learndirect novel- or poetry-writing outreach programme.

If the Job Centre is on your back and you feel you deserve a bit of a break, click here.

Conferences, programmes, courses and seminars
Hardly a day goes by without well-paid members of the booming arts industry gathering together to exchange ideas about audits, targets, questionnaires and partnership initiatives with a view to producing more papers, taskforces and reports which will necessitate a few more meetings. We need you because the more people that attend these events, the less that is actually decided and the greater the need for future conference activity.

If you would like to be paid to sit about talking nonsense to like-minded Creative People, click here.

Providers, advisers and consultants – our support programme
One of the most innovative aspects of creativeculturecareers.com is that, if you happen not to be the slightest bit creative or cultural, than you still have a part to play – in fact, it’s a positive advantage! For every Creative Person in this country, there are four or five providers, facilitators, project managers and advice executives earning a perfectly decent living. Many of our busiest creative writing teachers, for example, have never actually written a creative word in their lives.

If you would like to jump on the community arts gravy train, click here.

Remember, this country is now world-famous in world markets for its creative industries. From Dickens to Tony Parsons, from Keats to Pam Ayres, Creative People have been part of our great national heritage for many centuries.

Isn’t it time you thought about joining one of the most thriving sectors in the marketplace? To contact creativeculturecareers.com,click here.

Spring 2002