Monday Escape - Weekly Livestream - Terence-Blacker

The great escape is now officially over.

On 10th May, I  broadcast the 55th – and final – episode of my Monday Escape. With the UK about to return to a sort of reality, and with  live shows on the horizon (details in News on the Home Page), it seemed to me to be the right time, with a regretful sniff and a tear in the eye, to end the  livestream.

I’ve loved doing the Monday Escape – the music, the jokes, the company, being able to talk to friends and strangers across the world, in the company of Angela and Ruby the dog.

Not only has it been fun, but it has given my writing and performance a focus. New songs have been written, old songs rescued from the bottom drawer. I’ve loved doing covers of songs from the past 170 years, and some of the requests I received have sent me on fascinating online journeys of musical discovery.

Even if sometimes the performances were a little… scratchier than they would be in a physical performance, that too has been part of an interesting new experience in working with listeners.

I’ll really miss all that. It has been a truly enjoyable experience. Those who have tuned in on Monday evenings have helped keep us sane in this little corner of Norfolk.

As we prepare to step blinking into the post-lockdown sunlight, I thank them for their company, chat, ideas – and jokes.