All songs were written by Terence Blacker, vocals, guitar

Lukas Drinkwater: backing vocals, bass guitar, double bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion (1-11)

Dom Pipkin: piano, Rhodes (1, 4, 8, 9)

Josh Clark: percussion (3, 4, 8, 10)

Produced, recorded and mixed  by Lukas Drinkwater at Polyphonic Recording

Mastered by Josh Clark

Solo melody on The Swells Sang ‘After the Ball’ from Charles K Harris’ After the Ball (1891)

[He has the] ‘ability to find humour in the darker moments of human existence… Randy Newman couldn’t have put it better.’  Clive Davis, The Times   

‘Terence Blacker has been one of the great finds musically in a long while, and he continues to impress.’     Liverpool Sound and Vision

‘There’s a brilliance in the music on Blacker’s album which we miss, or underestimate, at our peril.’


1. Meanwhile

2. Other People’s Lives

3. My Little Blue Book

4. Pale Stale Male

5. The Couple Next Door

6. The Swells Sang ‘After the Ball’

7. Everyday Hero 04:39

8. The Way of the World

9. Keep the Faith

10. Moanin’ Joe

11. Not Quite Done