Lovely Little Games

Released in 2012, Terence’s first album includes his favourites, ‘Sad Old Bastards with Guitars’, ‘I’d Rather Be French’ and ‘Hearts of Oak’.
‘A clever songwriter, social satirist and bittersweet romantic somewhere between Jake Thackray and Jacques Brel .’ Independent

‘If “Sad Old Bastards With Guitars” doesn’t make you laugh, then you are one!’ Michael Messer Music Forum

Recorded and mixed by Jonny Cole at the Mill Studio, except for:

Tracks 1 and 8 recorded and mixed by Mark Fairfax-Harwood at Springvale Studio; Track 3 recorded at Springvale Studio, mixed at the Mill Studio;

Track 12, recorded at home.


  1. Sad Old Bastards With Guitars 
  2. I’d Rather Be French 
  3. Bedroom Eyes
  4. Inappropriate Uncle 
  5. The Sorry Song 
  6. D’you Remember the Evening? 
  7. The Old Get-a-Room Bossa Nova 
  8. It’s Only Love (sung by VICTORIA HART) 
  9. The Yodelling Cowboy 
  10. Harry Loves Porn 
  11. Hearts of Oak 
  12. Christmas in Bed