Yours, E.R.

For many years, Her Majesty the Queen has written a weekly letter about the events of the day, her family and her own life to Sir Jeremy Lascelles, a retired much loved private secretary. These letters, frank, charming and occasionally indiscreet, have remained highly confidential.

Until now. In these letters, written over the year between the London Olympics and the birth of Prince George, Her Majesty the Queen reveals:

  • the celebrities who are in Prince Charles’s ‘kitchen cabinet’
  • how the Archbishop of Canterbury got his beard in a twist
  • some very forthright views on Dame Helen Mirren
  • meetings with Clinton, Bush, Berlusconi and other dubious men
  • why dogs are so superior to cats
  • the truth about Prince Philip and his terrible jokes
  • the story of Fergie’s disastrous practical joke, involving clingfilm.

Affectionately imagined, here is a candid, subversive and often funny view of the way with now, as seen from the top by someone who is both at the centre of national life and yet removed from it.

Published by Headline