FIXX, Jonathan Peter. Born 1939. Son of Major Colin Fixx VC (dec’d) and Mary Fixx. Educated: Melton Hall (expelled). Career: runner for the Kray family, pop manager, property speculator, intelligence operative, exporter of pharmaceutical and security tools, consultant, entrepreneur. Married: The Honourable Sarah Harcourt (divorced). One daughter, Jennifer, Interests: finance, the fair sex, getting things done.

No up-to-date edition of Who’s Who would be complete without an entry for the man whose astonishing career has touched most of the great events of recent times. The gang wars of the fifties, the flowering of the love generation, the rise of feminism, espionage, the yuppie era – Fixx was there, sometimes in the thick of the action but more often playing a subtle, behind-the-scenes role.

Outrageously witty.
– Sunday Telegraph

Jonathan Peter Fixx is a sparkling creation, a bounder in the honourable tradition of Flashman and Captain Grimes.
– Financial Times

Excellent. Blacker has brought to life a monster of rare and staggering obnoxiousness..A portrait of a wholly immoral, all-too-plausible burglar of bedroom and boardroom.who blithely justifies his every appalling move and knocks you breathless with his cheek.
– Sunday Times

I couldn’t put it down, even while I was standing up.
– Publishing News