Victoria Hart

Bring on my dancing days… a song is launched

Here’s a song I wrote  recently for the brilliant Victoria Hart, called ‘It’s Only Love That Gets Me’, receiving its world premiere last weekend. The recorded version  can be heard on the Something Happened MySpace page.

Political incorrectness: a country bumpkin writes…

In a moment of perfect poetic justice, I have recently been on the receiving end of a mild act of political incorrectness within moments of completing a celebration of politically incorrect songs. With my musical partners Derek Hewitson (Suffolk) and Victoria Hart (Whitechapel), I had been performing songs from our show Taboo-Be-Do! at a London […]

If it’s politically incorrect and musical, I’m interested

These days, I awake thinking of the strangest things: sheikhs, fat women, primitive men, sad old bastards with guitars. In less than two weeks’ time, on Sunday 18th April, I return to the King’s Head Theatre, Islington, in the company of the finger-picking guitarist Derek Hewitson and the funny, brilliant Victoria Hart. Our show Taboo-Be-Do! […]

You can never discount the past

How the audience laughed at Islington’s King’s Head Theatre on Monday when, as part of an evening of politically incorrect music called Taboo-Be-Do!, the singer Victoria Hart delivered a heart-tugging little number from 1928 in praise of a woman’s domestic drudgery. The song “When I Am Housekeeping For You” came from the dark ages of […]

Her heart belongs to Baghdad Daddy

Between you and me, all I can think of right now is scandalous music. This Monday, the duo Something Happened, of which I am  50 per cent, joins forces with the amazing singer Victoria Hart at the King’s Head, Islington to launch TABOO-BE-DO! Hits and Misses from the Politically Incorrect Songbook. The launch is a […]