political correctness

Censorship is in the ascendant

In one area at least, Gordon Brown has proved himself to be in perfect harmony with the times. When, this week, his privacy was invaded by a Sky News microphone, his view of poor old Mrs Gillian Duffy was not simply that he had met a woman who disagreed with him. She was a bigot. […]

Stand up for the right to cause offence

For the first and I very much hope the last time, I share a problem with the celebrity hardman Vinnie Jones. We have both recently laid ourselves open to the charge of what is now known as “ableism”. Jones was reported to Ofcom when, during an interview for Celebrity Big Brother, he referred to the […]

A small lesson in happiness from Barcelona

In the glorious city of Barcelona, it occurred to me that Spain is a country that political correctness forgot. Here people smoke cigarettes and cigars as they walk and talk and eat in restaurants. Their diet is almost entirely based on footprint-heavy meat or ecologically questionable species of fish. They spend much of their time […]