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There’s no snob quite like a book snob

The book fair crowd was streaming past me on their way to the Edinburgh International Book Festival. That evening, in another part of the city, I would be performing a musical show about writing and the life of an author as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. I had thought, in my innocence, that readers and […]

The art of creative non-writing

Do you know the feeling when you are so absorbed in what you are writing  that you lose  all sense of time? Food, sex, sleep cease to be anything more than irritants which briefly divert you from the onward rush of your prose… [In my latest ‘Endpaper’ column for The Author, I provide some useful […]

Seven Things That Can Go Wrong For a Writer

In the winter issue of The Author, the house magazine of the Society of Authors, I contributed to the gaiety of the season by considering some of the things which can go wrong for an author trying to get a book published…. There are now two types of writing life. In one, authors write, get […]