Harriet Harman

Bye-bye nannie…

Half-close your eyes, apply a bit of imagination, and you will see a startling resemblance between Harriet Harman, acting leader of the Labour Party, and Mary Portas, the TV bossyboots who likes to be known as “Mary Queen of Shops”. Both have brutalist hairstyles. Both have mouths which seem to have been shaped by years […]

A woman-hater writes…

Last Friday, my Independent column was about our great age of nannying  – in politics, on TV, in life – and how it seemed to be drawing to a close. I opened the piece by drawing a comparison between Mary Portas, the BBC’s bossyboots shop expert, and Harriet Harman. One contributor to the Independent’s message-board […]

Jon Venables and a case of mob morality

In the great establishment vs the people clash which is developing around the fate and future of Jon Venables, there will be only one winner. Ministers will argue the letter of the law, but then that is what they did over MPs’ expenses. Judges will warn of the dangerous consequences should Venables’s identity become known, […]