Ed Miliband

A father’s fancy footwork

At a meeting of fans who supported a large football club, a man in his forties once stood up to speak. “This is our club,” he said. “Let’s face it, nothing matters quite as much as this – wife, family, whatever. For me, the club always comes first.” There were mutters of agreement, a smattering […]

At last, the wind of change is blowing in favour of local power

It seems only minutes ago that it was a good and progressive thing to be local and active. Suddenly the wind has changed. A report on the energy industry, to be published next week, will reveal that the number of onshore wind farms to be granted planning permission dropped by a half in the 12 […]

Must love be all around?

I so so love you. With five unlikely little words, uttered within seconds of being elected, the new leader of the Labour Party showed the world that he was a sympathetic kind of guy who was prepared to let his feelings show, whether he felt them or not. Not so long ago, this kind of […]

A woman-hater writes…

Last Friday, my Independent column was about our great age of nannying  – in politics, on TV, in life – and how it seemed to be drawing to a close. I opened the piece by drawing a comparison between Mary Portas, the BBC’s bossyboots shop expert, and Harriet Harman. One contributor to the Independent’s message-board […]

The march of playground morality

“Simplistic” was the word used by the Advertising Standards Authority to describe an ill-fated government campaign to raise awareness of climate change. It was a polite way of describing the smoothing out of inconvenient truths in order to deliver a hard-hitting message in a series of public service announcements. But it was the advertisements themselves, […]