BBC drama

Misplaced smugness at the BBC

It was one of those moments of quiet smugness at which the British excel. The director-general of the BBC had delivered the MacTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh Festival, arguing that the BBC is more popular than ever with the general public, that there is a gulf between the criticism of the corporation to be found […]

Sleek, corporate, safe – it’s time for the BBC to take risks

I wrote recently in the Independent that the high level of self-satisfaction within the BBC at the quality of its output was not exactly borne out by what we see on our screens every evening. I concluded: “Away from the discussions about salaries, relocation and pensions, the BBC needs to remember that its public remit […]

Nobody has the right to be spared offence

Almost certainly, the good burghers of Dudley in the West Midlands will have used the word “inappropriate” when discussing whether they should allow Philip Ridley’s play Moonfleece to be performed at the town’s theatre. When they banned it, the reasoning was that the play’s themes of homophobia, fascism and the BNP were not “suitable for […]