Pom-bashing faces the ultimate Test

It will either be a very good time to be a Pom visiting Australia over the next few days, or it could  be something of a trial. On Boxing Day, the most important cricket match in the country’s history will take place in Melbourne – that is, if you believe the Australian press. After one […]

Getting in touch with my inner Australian

For an Englishman interested in taking a side-step out of his regular life, there is no place quite like Australia. After all, a couple of centuries ago, the ancestors of today’s Australians took a side-step out of their regular lives (or, to be more accurate, were booted out of their irregular lives) and took the road […]

A big, multicultural welcome to a new immigrant

Sometimes politics writes its own jokes. This week’s news, for example, that Pauline Hanson, who built her political career in Australia on a virulent anti-immigration policy, is herself to migrate to England would seem to belong to the world of satire. Her announcement that she is moving to this country in search of “peace and […]