In a battle between big business and a village, back the village

It is now almost four years since the life in our village changed. A farmer who owns 5000 acres in this area decided, in the way of farmers, to maximise his profits. There was a stretch of land between four villages. Although there was public footpath there, it was not designated as a site of […]

Renewable hope: 10 lessons after a planning committee considers wind turbines

It was a long and often rough road which led to a special meeting of the South Norfolk Planning Committee on Wednesday 8th December to decide whether three wind turbines should be erected on the land between the villages of Dickleburgh, Rushall, Pulham St Mary and Pulham Market. Three and a half years ago, an […]

“NIMBY”: a byword for lazy-minded prejudice

Has there ever  in modern history been a sillier, yet also brutally effective, term of abuse than “nimby”?  It is a word which might have been formulated by a brilliant but cynical advertising copywriter or perhaps one of the more cunning spin-doctors lurking evilly in the corridors of Whitehall. It squashes any debate around planning […]