Sometimes Your Face Don’t Fit

Eleven new songs, written over the past couple of  years –  a bit of folk, a touch of South America, some social comment, a train song, a small private confession, a ukulele story, and a few songs whose face don’t fit any particular category or genre.

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‘There’s the witty and sporadically vulgar views of Jake Thackray, the comedic commentary of Richard
Digance and now ‘Sometimes Your Face Don’t Fit’ from Terence Blacker … you’re going to love it.’

Terence weaves a path between Jacques Brel and Dudley Moore…. It’s all very funny and makes you want to catch the guy live.’  Acoustic Magazine

‘All the songs are funny, pertinent and tuneful.’  The Oldie

LOVELY LITTLE GAMES:    12 Songs by Terence Blacker


  1. Sad Old Bastards With Guitars
  2. Bedroom Eyes
  3. I’d Rather Be French
  4. Inappropriate Uncle
  5. The Sorry Song
  6. D’you Remember the Evening?
  7. The Old Get-a-Room Bossa Nova
  8. It’s Only Love (vocals: VICTORIA HART)
  9. The Yodelling Cowboy
  10. Harry Loves Porn
  11. Hearts of Oak
  12. Christmas in Bed

All songs were written by Terence Blacker.

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