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Before gender confusion became really confusing, there was Boy2Girl

This is the happy day when a new UK edition of my book Boy2Girl is published by Andersen Press. It is probably the story that gave me most fun when I was writing it. It was written at a time of change in my life, 15 years ago. I was living in a small caravan while, in the next field, builders were converting an old goose hatchery into what, all being well, would be the house where my partner Angela and I would live. I was managing the project as well as earning a living as writer, and so my days had a definite routine. At eight, I would talk to Vic Beales, the brilliant builder whose team was working on the house. Then I would drive for ten minutes to the home of my friends the Buckleys where, in a small industrial unit next to their house, I wrote...

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