Terence Blacker



After The Slap, a bit of a belly-flop – Christos Tsiolkas’ Barracuda

No one could accuse Christos Tsiolkas of lacking ambition. His last novel, the hugely successful The Slap, had eight narrators and built a story of modern multicultural Australian life around one relatively small domestic incident. Barracuda takes the story of a young sporting hero and turns it upside down. Danny Kelly, the novel’s protagonist, and... Read full article


Want to help family values, reduce crime, Mr Grayling? Here’s how books for prisoners will help

In Her Majesty’s Prison Magilligan, set in the desolate beauty of north coast of County Londonderry, a group of inmates are talking about stories, about their children and families, and about a scheme which is offering a lifeline to them at a bad moment in their lives. Away from places like this, there is a... Read full article