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The Twyning

Imagine a city. A place where respectable men and women rub shoulders with thieves and madmen. A place where two runaway children can easily be lost in the smoke and grime. But beneath this city, there is another world. A world of Courts and Warriors, where the rat Kingdom is ruled by the great King […]

Kill Your Darlings

Gregory Keays is a writer whose brilliant future is behind him. But when an extraordinary student enters his life, Gregory is offered one last, glorious chance to save his career. Soon, however, Gregory’s Faustian pact with success unravels around him, and he must turn to darker, more duplicitous means to secure his fame. Set in […]

Yours, E.R.

For many years, Her Majesty the Queen has written a weekly letter about the events of the day, her family and her own life to Sir Jeremy Lascelles, a retired much loved private secretary. These letters, frank, charming and occasionally indiscreet, have remained highly confidential. Until now. In these letters, written over the year between […]

You Cannot Live As I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This

Though born into privilege and inheriting a fortune, Willie Donaldson ended up dying alone in a seedy rented flat, his computer still logged on to a lesbian porn site. To some, he had been one of the great, underrated comic writers of our time, and to others, a dangerous force of corruption and decadence. His […]