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Yours, E.R.

Yours, E.R.
A Regal Correspondence

For many years, Her Majesty the Queen has written a weekly letter about the events of the day, her family and her own life to Sir Jeremy Lascelles, a retired much loved private secretary. These letters, frank, charming and occasionally indiscreet, have remained highly confidential.

Until now.

The Twyning - A story of love, war and rats.

The Twyning
A story of love, war and rats.

'A triumph. Rat gore and rat lore seasoned with the grime and crime of a great Victorian City set this book apart.' Daily Mail

'Stunning. A Watership Down (with rats) for today which deserves the same recognition. Astoundingly good.' The Bookseller

'This novel deserves praise and prizes.' The Times.

You Cannot Live As I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This | The Thoroughly Disgraceful Life and Times of  Willie Donaldson by Terence Blacker

You Cannot Live As I Have Lived and Not End Up Like This
The Thoroughly Disgraceful Life and Times of Willie Donaldson

Though born into privilege and inheriting a fortune, Willie Donaldson ended up dying alone in a seedy rented flat, his computer still logged on to a lesbian porn site.

To some, he had been one of the great, underrated comic writers of our time, and to others, a dangerous force of corruption and decadence. Read more...

Kill Your Darlings by Terence Blacker

Kill Your Darlings

Gregory Keays is a writer whose brilliant future is behind him. But when an extraordinary student enters his life, Gregory is offered one last, glorious chance to save his career. Soon, however, Gregory’s Faustian pact with success unravels around him, and he must turn to darker, more duplicitous means to secure his fame. Set in the dangerous world where real life and literary ambition collide, Kill Your Darlings is an unforgettable novel of ego and delusion, villainy and the betrayal of love. Read more...

Revenance by Terence Blacker


The return of Margaret Cowper, a woman from medieval times, in the form of a beautiful and enigmatic young stranger changes everything in the East Anglian village of Burthorpe. Secrets emerge, affairs are uncovered, the illusion of rural peace is shattered. Is Margaret an angel of death or a harbinger of love? This darkly comic novel takes the ghost story into a new and distinctly contemporary territory. Read more...

The Fame Hotel by Terence Blacker

The Fame Hotel

The death of Ollie Sincton seems at first an unpromising little murder. Who cares after all, about a fringe media character with a murky private life? But Sincton’s literary bequest, a series of computer disks revealing how certain public figures had enjoyed his professional or personal attentions, changes all that.

For the police, the case has celebrity cachet – in an age of visibility, one man’s murder can be another man’s career break – but, among the truly powerful, the death of a ghost has acquired a more worrying significance. Read more...

Fixx by Terence Blacker


No up-to-date edition of Who’s Who would be complete without an entry for the man whose astonishing career has touched most of the great events of recent times. The gang wars of the fifties, the flowering of the love generation, the rise of feminism, espionage, the yuppie era – Fixx was there, sometimes in the thick of the action but more often playing a subtle, behind-the-scenes role. Read more...

Comedy, or something like it
The Meaning of Cantona by Terence Blacker & William Donaldson

The Meaning of Cantona
Meditations on Life, Art and Perfectly Weighted Balls
Terence Blacker & William Donaldson

Dr Kit Bryson has moved among Cantona's followers - the so-called Cantonistes - collecting aphorisms, reflections and snatches of changing-room badinage. Here is the contradictory essence of this simple, yet complex, character: artist and man of action; team leader and solitary maverick.


101 Things You Don't Know About the Royal Lovebirds by Terence Blacker & William Donaldson

101 Things You Didn't Know About the Royal Lovebirds
Talbot Church
Talbot Church, court correspondent, is the man the Royals trust. Quoting extensively from confidential, off-the-record interviews, Church answers the questions the others dare not ask about a great royal wedding.

Written with Willie Donaldson

Let's Get Divorced by Nigel Planer & Terence Blacker

Let's Get Divorced
The Complete Divorce Workout Book by TV's Own Jonathan and Libby Hughes
Nigel Planer & Terence Blacker

In this send-up of the "Hello" world of celebrityhood, a fictional breakfast-TV pair show how couples can separate and still have fun. Read more...

Neil's Book of the Dead by Nigel Planer & Terence Blacker

Neil's Book of the Dead
Nigel Planer & Terence Blacker

The ultimate hippy guide to life from Nigel Planer’s comic creation Neil, made famous by The Young Ones.