‘ Sharp satirical thinking put into song… You’re going to love it. ’


‘ Illuminating and enjoyable. There’s a pleasing bite behind the melodies… Blacker, with guitar on his knee, is a natural raconteur. ’

Alice Jones, Independent

Droll, cunning, well-arranged, and thoroughly delightful. ‘

John Lahr, drama critic of the New Yorker

‘ Very funny… Terence weaves a path between Jacques Brel and Dudley Moore.’

Acoustic Magazine

‘ Relaxed, funny and enjoyably provocative – I was delighted on all affronts. ‘

Neil Innes

‘ Hilariously entertaining. ‘

Mary Dickinson, Everyman Folk Club

Coming soon - the new CD "Enough About Me'

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A gig at a Benedictine priory – should I invite the vicar’s wife?

After a while you get used to the different kind of gigs where you play as a musician. Some audiences are noisy, some listen to every word. Some want to sing along, others remain resolutely mute. I've played at village halls where it seems almost obligatory for someone in the front row to fall fast asleep during the first number. In one folk club, there is always a woman knitting a scarf in the front row, her knitting-needles providing a gentle percussive soundtrack to the evening. I've played a gig where one of my songs so outraged the vicar's wife...

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